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Dog Walking and Other Quality Pet Care Services

We Walk the Talk

With Waggin’ & Waddlin’, you can rest assured that your dogs are in good hands. We provide flexible services and go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that your four-legged friends are well taken care of.

Our dog walking and pet care services are available to clients in Quincy and surrounding towns. Book an appointment today!



Dog walking

30-Minute Walk:           $25

45-Minute Walk:           $35

60-Minute Walk:           $45

Each additional pet:   $5

Field Runs

45-Minute Run:             $40

60 Minute Run:             $55

Each additional pet:  $5

Dog Hiking

(Only for customers who have trails within 3 miles of home)

45 Minute Hike:            $45

60 Minute Hike:            $60

Each additional pet:  $5


Cat Drop-In Visits

Cats may be independent by nature, but they are social creatures. We have a special way of making sure your kitty companions are comfortable and loved while you're out of town. We want you to remain stress free knowing your companions are well looked after.

15min- $20/visit

30min. - $25/visit

45min. - $30/visit

+$5 on weekends

+$5 before hours (8am-5:30pm are our business hours)


-litter box cleaning,

-provide fresh water and feedings as directed,

- medications if needed,

-take out garbage,

- water plants and collect mail,

- rotate blinds, curtains and lights,

-kitty snuggles & play,

-updates by email, call or text 

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi services focus on local transportation such as pickup and/or drop-off to the Veterinarian, airport, home, groomers or any other local, previously arranged locations based on immediate need or emergencies.

Our vehicle is only able to accommodate furry companions, not owners. Rates are hourly and fluctuate during holidays.

Pick-up service: Monday - Saturday (Sunday's at an additional fee)

Taxi Hours - 8am - 7pm (after hours additional $10/hr fee)

Hourly Rate: $53 one hour ride

Outside service area pickups fee $21

Pet Taxi Policy: Cancellations require a 48 hour notice. If cancellation is not received 48 hours prior to scheduled service, the client will be charged for the full amount of the scheduled services.

Rate determined by length of visit.

Overnight Dog Sitting

Why disrupt your pets normal routine when you could have an experienced animal care professional stay in your home with your companions. Our overnight sitting services ensures the most stress-free style of pet sitting for your pets. One of our experienced sitters will stay in your home to make sure your pets routine remains the same as if you were there. Overnight services can be accommodated to match your pets regular routine.

If you need to be away for one night or more, our Overnight Pet Sitting service can provide you and your pet with extra security and peace of mind. Your companion(s) will enjoy the company of a professional pet sitter and you’ll enjoy the security of knowing your home is occupied while you’re gone.


-Morning and evening walk

–Our experienced sitter will spend the night in your home with your companions thru the morning,

– Feedings as directed, exercised as instructed, medicated if needed, get lots of love and one on one attention,

–We will clean up after your pets, scoop the litter box, provide fresh water as needed, take in the mail/newspaper, take out the trash, water plants, adjust lights/blinds for security purpose and keep an eye on the home while you are away.

–We can also call or email you as often as requested during your trip to give you updates while you are away. 


1 dog - $100/night 

2 dogs - $120

3+ dogs - $150/night

Services and Rates


Refer a furry friend - if they sign get 1 FREE 30-minute walk for your fur babies!!!

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